Tomato Collection 2023/2024

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Large Beefsteak                   



Purple Cherokee

Great yellow blues

Benvento FI ( red and yellow Beefsteak

Blue Pineapple

Orange Accordion

Pink Jazz

German stripy 

Yellow jazzy

Yellow oxheart ( midnight Sun)

Mortagage lifter

Dr Wyches Yellow

Blue Pineapple

Orange Accordion

Pink Jazz

Box Car Willie ( jersey Beefsteak)

Julia Child

Paul Robeson

Mid sized 

Apricot Zebra 

Isis Candy                                                                                                    

Juane Flamme

Blue bell 

Yellow plum

Tiger Blush 

Lucky tiger 

Green zebra 

Evil olive

Apricot Zebra 

Yellow Blush

Japanese Black Trifle  

Pink boar 

Sean’s Yellow

Lucid Gem

Pascal De Picardie

Rebel Starfighter prime

Black Kirm

Sgt. Peppers 

Dragons Eye

Crushed heart

Aurora Blue

Beautiful Dreamer

Juane Flamme

Garden peach

Orange strawberry

Blue Keyes

Berkeley Tie Dye pink

Lithium Sun

Garden Peach

San Marzano/Plum

Marzano Fire


Natals San Marzano

Prairie Fire

Striped plum 

Small /Cherry

Sweet 100

White Sausage 

Chocolate pear


Indigo Yellow Pear  

Black opal 

Brads atomic grape

Indigo yellow

Pink Cherry wine

Golden cherryWine 

Sunrise Bumble Bee

Purple Bumblebee 

Creamsicle Grape (C)

Chocolate Indigo

Lucky Bee F1 ( C) 

Painted pink (C)

Gnocchi Di Limone

Orange Mila

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