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Our Tomato Collection 2024
The tomato collection for 2024
is now online!
A Tomato from Hay Mumford Farm
Garlic Seed for Purchase
Order now for pick up in September/October.
Our Plant Varieties
Organically grown plants with unusual varieties and well-sourced seeds

New Location!

I am pleased to announce that I will be growing at a second location. Starting this spring 2024, I am growing and selling from Guaranteed Plants, located 504 Locust point road Locust NJ 07760 and also from my previous location ( my home garden in West Allenhurst).

Please note that my business is a separate business than Guaranteed Plants and I will only be available during the posted days and time periods. 

You can always message me through instagram to set up a private buying session

Hay Mumford Farms
Sale Events - 2024


About Hay Mumford Farms

Our mission at Hay Mumford Farms is to share our passion of growing and producing good and organic food. We like to grow out-of-the-ordinary varieties of plants each spring, for you to take home and plant in your gardens throughout the summer and fall.
We also specialize in garden construction and love to provide clients with ongoing education and consultation to keep their gardens going through the season. We take our passion for organic produce one step further through our personal catering. We source and grow ingredients for each seasonal menu, creatively arranging the best dishes to match our customers' vision, in taste and budget.

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Garden Construction
Sowing Seeds of
Sustainability and Health
Personal Catering
Experience the purity
of our custom designed menus
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Plant Starter Sales
Organically grown plants with unusual varieties and well-sourced seeds
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to organic farming practices. This means we do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. Our organic products are grown in a way that supports healthy soil, biodiversity, and our local ecosystem.

We specialize in organic heirloom tomatoes, a variety of basils, non ordinary lettuces, and a variety of peppers. All organically raised.

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook and visit our Plant Starters Page. You can also message me on Instagram and Facebook.

Cucumbers from Hay Mumford Farms

Sprouting Compliments for Hay Mumford

Plant Starters

I planted 9 different tomato varieties I bought from Chris in May and today picked 24 lbs after picking about 15 lbs on Tuesday. This is the best yield I have ever had in my garden.

Garden Construction

Chris worked wonders on my garden in Jersey! Turned my space into a vibrant paradise. Thanks to him, I’ve got juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce just steps away from my kitchen. Chris is the real deal when it comes to making your garden dreams come true! I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to cultivate a flourishing garden paradise.


I have been an enthusiastic customer of Chris and Debbie Mumfords's restaurant for more than 15 years, and I was so sad when they closed their business. Thankfully, we stayed in touch, therefore I knew they were engaged in private catering. When my son was married, Debbie and Chris prepared the food for the rehearsal dinner. They worked with us on menu planning, which was all farm-to-table so that everyone had a fresh meal they would enjoy. Their entrees were seasonal, and their desserts were to die for! Not only was their food amazing, but the wait staff was remarkable as well. I whole-heartedly recommend Hay Mumford!